Trump’s Tariffs of Abominations: Trade War Consequences for Domestic Industries

By Pranav Ravikumar

“All in all, President Trump is attempting to make do on the promises he set forth during the 2016 election: he wishes to strengthen the economy and strike more amenable trade agreements. But if he wishes to truly achieve the ‘fair trade’ he seeks, a cap on the rhetoric and a place to negotiate with Beijing are in order. Until then, disaster seems to be on the horizon.”

Why "Fake News" is Probably Here to Stay

By Pranav Ravikumar

"Today, 'fake news' remains as potent a weapon in its ability to produce greater social divisions and magnify polarization. Unfortunately, this weapon is now being utilized by Russia, and the United States has, for the most part, been inept in combating the subversive threat."

Democrats Wanted a Pass for Al Franken

By Margaret Avera

"For real change in this issue, it must be addressed by both parties. Democrats cannot get a pass because they are pro-choice. Sexual assault is not something to weigh in with other character traits. Therefore, the solution is a zero tolerance policy."

GOP Tax Plan Hits Graduate Students Hard

By Nora Sullivan

"College and graduate study has long been held as a springboard for individual mobility and scientific innovation. The GOP bill would force bright and deserving students from academia and debilitate research in the country. As it stands, a shroud of uncertainty hangs over graduate students and their institutions."

Assault, Pursue, Deflect: Lessons Learned From the Weinstein Institution

By Luana Dumitrache

"The insincerity of Weinstein’s apology statement is magnified by recent news revealing his persistent efforts to silence women and derail stories detailing his actions... It seems that as recently as the fall of 2016, Weinstein hired Black Cube and similar agencies to make sure the truth of his behavior would never see the light of a printing press. Actions truly do speak louder than words, but regrettably not to Harvey’s advantage."

A Lesson From Europe

By Evan Crafts

"Take, for example, the hypocrisy of a secularist state recognizing Easter or Christmas as official holidays but then failing to recognize the equally significant Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha as official holidays. This is the reality of a young Muslim immigrant going to school in France."

Stability Over Sovereignty: The Case for Unified Spain

By Cristian Zaragoza

"A less deceiving question would acknowledge that a vote to gain independence is a vote to destabilize Spanish sovereignty, further corrode the unity of EU bloc, and propel the rise of separatism across the globe. Independence in Catalonia does not just impact the nation of Spain and its immediate surroundings, it spreads across all of Europe and, to some degree, the stability of the broader status quo."

VR Gaming: Virtually Reality or Practical Fantasy?

By Ramsey Baden

"A device that plunges its users directly into its content, instead of putting the content in front of them, could change the way we view entertainment, news, and more. The current question is whether VR can deliver the kind of experience that the world has come to expect."

Prison in the Pop Culture of the West

By Ramsey Baden

"In the last century, popular culture has turned its attention to a rapidly expanding prison-industrial complex that has incarcerated over 2.3 million people in the United States alone. More citizens than ever before have become aware of a system that was designed to remove itself from public attention, but the response to incarceration has never been more diverse."

Poland’s Judiciary Under Illiberal Democracy

By Enrique Perez

"Since the assumption of power by Poland’s Law and Justice, a political party characterized by conservative-populist policies and fierce anti-communism, the independence of the country’s judiciary has slowly been eroded. The factors causing and enabling this are threefold: Law and Justice’s majority control of the Polish legislature, the majority of appointees within the judiciary being from the previous government, and a level of popular support within the population hindering resistance."

A Look Into Sleep Martyrdom

 By Ramsey Baden

"The idea that sleeplessness is linked to success is one that has gestated in university culture, and many students put this concept into practice by working long hours and sleeping less."