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Prison in the Pop Culture of the West

By Ramsey Baden

"In the last century, popular culture has turned its attention to a rapidly expanding prison-industrial complex that has incarcerated over 2.3 million people in the United States alone. More citizens than ever before have become aware of a system that was designed to remove itself from public attention, but the response to incarceration has never been more diverse."

Poland’s Judiciary Under Illiberal Democracy

By Enrique Perez

"Since the assumption of power by Poland’s Law and Justice, a political party characterized by conservative-populist policies and fierce anti-communism, the independence of the country’s judiciary has slowly been eroded. The factors causing and enabling this are threefold: Law and Justice’s majority control of the Polish legislature, the majority of appointees within the judiciary being from the previous government, and a level of popular support within the population hindering resistance."

With Power Comes Responsibility: Did the Trumps Not See This Coming?

By Julia Hoffner

"The President of the United States is not solely a politician, but a celebrity in his own league as well. Arguably, they are the most famous face of the country during their presidency. That being said, anyone running for the position should know that harsh critics will attempt to, and sometimes succeed in, discrediting them. Complaining about the words of the media seems to be a hypocritical and even pitiful move from our country’s leader."