Romney Running for Utah Senate

By Sun Woo Park

"Anticipated by numerous political analysts, former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney announced in February his intentions to run to succeed retiring incumbent Orrin Hatch [R-UT]."

How To Combat Gun Violence

By Vrinda Gupta

"Research has repeatedly shown that the only discernible cause for these high levels of gun violence is the number of guns in the country. This makes crime rates in America, while at the same level as other countries, more likely to be lethal.

The Final Verdict on Net Neutrality

By Nick Pernas

"A country that enforces net neutrality has a free and open internet, whereas a country without net neutrality can be unfair; the more a company pays the ISP, the better accessibility its web pages become. Without net neutrality, an open American internet could become a privilege only for bigger, more profitable. Smaller businesses could be at a disadvantage due to additional costs they would have to pay ISPs."

US-China Steel Trade War Remains Uncertain

By Gabriel Moran

"The issue of Asian steel imports has been central to major trade imbalances for the United States. During his campaign President Trump stressed the severity of U.S. economic dependence on steel and the evaporation of the American steel industry that thrived in states like Pennsylvania."

No End in Sight: The Unstoppable Alt-Right

By Andrew Cox

"For better or worse, the Alt-Right has established itself as a dynamic and powerful coalition and is a force to be reckoned with. Despite continued efforts of both the left and mainstream conservatives to combat the Alt-Right, if anything, the Alt-Right has become stronger."

The American Epidemic: Pills and Politics

By Vrinda Gupta

"The availability of synthetic opioid drugs is on the rise, and budget cuts as well as the potential replacement of the ACA do not help the matter. The spread of this issue is nation-wide and calls for a collective solution from politicians, regulatory agencies, health institutions and pharmaceutical companies."

Small Voices Made Big Overnight in Minneapolis

By Julia Hoffner

"The Walker Art Center has been instrumental in the development of artistic curiosity and exploration within the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Located in Minneapolis, the center serves as a popular spot for Minnesotans of any and all ages to find refuge from the harsh winter or bask in the summer sun with both indoor and outdoor modern art exhibits."

Trump Fires Up I.C.E.

By Cristian Zaragoza

"At such an early point in his presidency, the trajectory of ICE activity is taking a steep climb. Non-criminal immigrants have become targets for Trump and ICE. This ought to be cause for concern for all, regardless of one’s documentation status, as it puts the immigrant community in fear."